October 2, 2011 – Bulletin

October 2, 2011 Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mass /Prayer Schedule

Monday, October 3
8 am Mass: Vic Westergard, RIP
6 pm Holy Hour

Tuesday, October 4 St. Francis of Assisi
8 am Mass: Vic Westergard, RIP

Wednesday, October 5
8 am Mass: Geneva Hall, RIP

Thursday, October 6 Bl. Isidore de Loor, C.P.
8 am Mass:! Mary Ann Condon, RIP

Friday, October 7 Our Lady of the Rosary
9 am All School Mass: Vocations/Adoration

Saturday, October 8
9 am Mass: Valerie Hochberg
5 pm Mass: Walter Gray, RIP

Sunday, October 9 Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
8 am Mass: For the People, RIP
10:30 am Mass: Margaret Gloria Belcik, RIP
12:10 pm Mass: Dan Sturgis, RIP
6 pm Life Teen Mass: Mary Louise McMillan, RIP

Parish Support

Priest Retirement…………………………………………………$1,098.77
Next Weekʼs Second Collection………………….Tuition Assistance

Banns of Marriage

Alicia Myers of St. Peterʼs and James Lagasca of St. Patrickʼs Church, Washington, D.C.;
Julia Eleanor Pledger of St. Peterʼs and Matthew Thomas Brewer of Greenville, NC.

Holy Spirit Conference

October 28-30, 2011; speakers will be Bishop Michael Burbidge, Bishop Sam Jacobs, Ralph Martin, Jim Murphy, Fr. Edward Wolanski, C.P., Joe Farris and Russ Hoyt. See poster and brochures at bulletin board in atrium. Call 353-4433 for more information.

Columbus Day Dinner

Knights of Columbus will sponsor a spaghetti dinner on Monday, October 10th from 4:30-7:30pm in the Spiritual Life Center to celebrate Columbus Day. Tickets will be on sale outside the church entrance after all Masses this weekend and next. Cost is $7.00 and children under 7 eat free.

Catholic Perspective This Week

Bishop Michael F. Burbidge discusses the Respect Life teaching of the Church on this weekʼs edition of Catholic Perspective and Catholic Weekly, the Diocesan radio and television programs. Mrs. Jackie Bonk, Director of the Diocesan Pro-Life Office, discusses specific issues that are part of the Respect Life teaching. Catholic Perspective airs in Greenville Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. on Cable Channel 69 and is also available on the Diocesan website at www.dioceseofraleigh.org.

Can You Help?

Fr. Gaston, the new PCMH Chaplain is in need of a good, used washer and dryer. Please call Vivian at 757-3259, ext. 201 if you can help.

This Week in Our Parish

Monday, October 3
6:30 pm Bear Den, Webelos II
7 pm Couples Bible Study
7 pm Handbells

Tuesday, October 4
9 – 12 Noon M.O.M.S.
12 Noon – 2 pm St. Vincent dePaul
6 – 9 pm M.O.M.S.
7 – 8:30 pm Troop 826
7:30 pm Menʼs Bible Study

Wednesday, October 5
9 am Bible Buffet
4 pm Joyful Noise
7-9 pm Adult Choir
7 pm Singles Bible Study
7 pm Womenʼs PM Bible Study

Thursday, October 6
9 am Arts & Crafts Group
10:30 am Womenʼs AM Bible Study
7:30 pm RCIA Inquiry Sessions

Friday, October 7
6:30 pm Tiger Den 4
Saturday, October 8
6:30 am Life Teen Busch Gardens Trip
10 am Candle Bearer training/Church

Sunday, October 9
9:10 – 10:10 am CCD/School
9:10 – 10:10 am RCIA – Adapted for Children/Teens
10:30 am Childrenʼs Liturgy of the Word
4 pm EDGE
7 pm Life Teen

Gift Card Volunteer Work Schedule Teams October 15/16 ~ 9-14-11-12-20
Leaders: Team 9 – (5:00pm) – Jan Lyons & Eileen Willer
Team 14 – (8:00am) – Ann Adams
Team 11-10:30am) – Mark & Margie Dellasega
Team 12 – (12:10pm) -FaizaDinno
Team 20 – (6 pm) – Karen Kus

Project Rachel Retreat for Healing After Abortion

If you have been suffering from an abortion, experience the love of Jesus Christ at a Project Rachel weekend retreat on Oct. 21-23, at the Short Journey Center in Smithfield. The retreat (for women and men) is strictly confidential, and offers a beautiful opportunity to experience God’s love, forgiveness and compassion. For information or to register, contact Project Rachel at (919) 852-1021 or projectrachel@nc.rr.com.

Marriage Encounter Weekends

Do we enrich our marriage to make it what God wants it to be? The next Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekends are Nov 4-6, 2011 in Atlantic Beach, NC and Feb 3-5, 2012 in Charlotte, NC. Early registration is highly recommended. For more information visit our website at: http://NCMarriageDiscovery.org or contact William & Elizabeth Nickles at 704-469-3866 or email at applications@NCMarriageDiscovery.org

Dear Friends,

WELCOME BISHOP BURBIDGE: We are honored this Sunday to welcome our Bishop to St. Peterʼs. He will be celebrating the 10:30 Mass for this Respect Life Sunday. We are very much a pro-life parish and support all the initiatives on behalf of life. I am always particularly grateful for the work of the Knights of Columbus respecting life. Our young people participate in pro-life activities. A bus load of our eighth graders accompany the bus load of parishioners who demonstrate in the annual March for Life each January protesting Roe v. Wade. We support many of the local efforts by the Carolina Pregnancy Center on behalf of life issues. Jackie Tucci and Travis Tyson are our liaisons with the diocesan office and its new director, Jackie Bonk. Both of our liaisons are seeking ways to keep these issues before our people. DEACON RETREAT: I agreed months ago to preach a retreat for the Deacons of our Diocese and their wives. I am at Trinity Center in Salter Path this week-end doing that. I hate to be away on weekends but had committed myself to this. Iʼll be back this Sunday night.

GRATITUDE TO THE BOY SCOUTS: Joe McMillan organized the boy scouts to do a rather kind and generous project for our parish. They painted the entire attic of the new spiritual center. It was unfinished. In appreciation for the space we give the scouts for their weekly meetings, they did this kind act for us. They did it well, efficiently and without any mess. The whole parish is grateful.

RENOVATIONS OF THE ALTAR AND SANCTUARY: In October, Renovata Studios will arrive to install the new altar, ambo, lectern, chair and credence table. It will be a beautiful granite altar and tie in with the baptismal font and the plinth on which the tabernacle rests. Louise Simonowich is giving this in memory of her husband, Nick. There will be a tile in the sanctuary memorializing Nick. There will also be a tile memorializing Chet Staley through whose generosity the oval stained glass window and parts of the sanctuary were given. Bishop Burbidge will consecrate the altar at a 6pm Mass on the feast of St. Paul of the Cross, Oct. 20th. We will have a nice parish reception afterwards in the Spiritual Center. Bishop Burbidge will join us. It is a Thursday evening and I hope we have a wonderful turn out. Please try to attend.

STAINED GLASS WINDOWS: As reported earlier, our church windows are broken and cracked in over 20 places. Some glass has even fallen out. Parishioners gave donations to have them repaired last year. We are on schedule now for the later part of October to have plexi-glass protective covering installed after the broken windows are repaired. Some of the windows will have to be removed and work done on them at the studio in Knightdale. Hopefully, all will be back in place by Christmas.

BIBLE STUDY SESSIONS: Everyone is telling me how much they enjoy these rounds of Scripture studies. The facilitators seem to be doing an excellent job. To have 8 groups with over 110 of our adults coming out for 8 weeks and sharing scripture and prayer makes me very happy. Particularly, Colleen Balot has been the over-all organizer and this is with four little children. I thank her and recommend that others help her with the leadership of such a big program. It will be great if these continue periodically for the great benefit of our people.

CATHOLIC INQUIRY SESSIONS: There are many non-Catholic adults and young people interested in the Catholic faith and seeking admission this Easter. Carolyn Morris is doing a fine job in handling our process and instilling a lot of enthusiasm both in those inquiring and in the parish with parishioners wanting to assist and act as sponsors. Thank you.

SPIRITUAL CENTER MEMORIALS: During our Capital Campaign for the Spiritual center, Bill McPherson, Violette Saad, Kim and George Saad, Jr., Dick Worsley, Michael and Michelle Sharts, Tom and Becky Ruffolo, Charles and Mattie-Moye Bridgers and Bob and Linda Hanrahan gave donations to the campaign memorializing various rooms. We are arranging for plaques for the specific rooms to be installed this fall. Likewise, we will have a massive plaque listing every donor and benefactor to the campaign. It will be on the first floor. Thank you, all.

In Christ,
Fr. Justin Kerber, C.P.