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  • Homily Easter 6C

    Homily Easter 6C

    Homily Easter 6C The Readings for the 6th Sunday of Easter seem to shift gently toward Pentecost, the feast of the Holy Spirit. It will be celebrated this year in exactly two weeks on May 19th. The Spirit is mentioned in both the first reading […]

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  • Homily Lent 5C

    Homily Lent 5C

    Homily Lent 5C There was a time when this Gospel would have been excluded by people copying the bible. Before they had printing, some copyists didn’t include this Gospel because they felt it made Jesus look like He was easy on sin. They missed the […]

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  • Homily – Dec 2, 2012

    Homily – Dec 2, 2012

    Advent 1C Advent is a time when we are meant to discover God a little more. God’s plan for us is centered and realized in Christ. Advent looks back to the promise of his first coming and it looks forward to his second coming. It […]

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  • Nov. 25, 2012 – Homily

    Nov. 25, 2012 – Homily

    Christ the King B In 1925, Pope Pius XI established this Feast of Christ the King. Purportedly, it was to honor the 1600th Anniversary of the Council of Nicaea held in 325. In actuality, the feast was in response to the rising tide of nationalism, […]

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  • Homily 30 B

    Homily 30 B

    The Bartimaeus story shows us how to follow Jesus. When we situate it in Mark’s gospel, we are able to apply it more easily to our lives. Jesus is leaving a city. A beggar, who is blind, Bartimaeus, calls out for a healing. Jesus goes […]

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